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Aluminum Magnesium Carbon Brick
    Publish time 2021-03-26 09:48    

The product is made of high alumina bauxite, fused corundum, magnesia alumina spinel sand, fused magnesia, flake graphite, additives, antioxidants and phenolic resin binder.
The aluminum-magnesium-carbon bricks have the characteristics of low porosity, strong slag erosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, and erosion resistance. In particular, spinel is formed during use, which further improves the peeling resistance and slag resistance of the product, and enhances the product Resistance to slag erosion, suitable for the construction of steel walls and bottoms of ladle.

Main specification of Al?O?-MgO-C bircks for con-casting ladle

According the requirements of the customer and the development of the tech.we remain the right to changw the data of the above form.
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